EHLTC Vitoria-Gasteiz 2020

XVIII European Heart and Lung Transplant Championships 2020 Vitoria–Gasteiz


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Who we are

Corazón Sin Fronteras Association of the Basque Country is a non-profit association that was founded in 2005 with the following main objectives:

  • The promotion of information and education on the pathology of heart diseases, in order to prevent them and achieve the physical and psychological rehabilitation of any affected person.
  • The prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease (CVD), the improvement of the quality of life and social and health care for cardiovascular patients and their families.
  • In addition, the promotion of gender equality and equal opportunities between men and women in cardiovascular disease.

To this end, Corazón Sin Fronteras is carrying out a series of initiatives:

  • Regular meetings of cardiac patients in order to know and deepen the knowledge of psycho-social and occupational problems that may have arisen or worsened because of their heart disease or cardiac event.
  • Working to establish permanent contacts with professionals belonging to the world of heart disease in order to provide and collect the necessary assistance in support of all those affected.
  • Promoting initiatives that make family members and the general public aware of the problems of heart disease and patients suffering from it, as well as help guidelines.
  • And also establishing channels of communication and collaboration with entities, associations and foundations with similar aims.

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Florida Street, 42
Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)

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9:30 – 13:00
16:30 – 18:30

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+34 945 043 652
+34 665 231 635

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